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Pistol Instruction

Intro to Competitive Shooting


A 4 hour course designed for the "new to competition shooter".  Want to get over the heebie jeebies?  Concerned about the rules and safety procedures?  Will my gun and equipment be adequate?  Don't want your first stage performance to be in front of a crowd at a match?  This is for you!

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Competitive Performance - Phase 1


An 8 hour group course. The focus of the training is to take competitive shooters to a new level.

Stuck in "B" class?  Looking to move from "A" to "Master"?  Not sure how to get there?  This is for you!

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Competitive Performance - Phase 2


An 8 hour group advanced course. Continue to build on your personal performance with focus on adding additional tools to your toolkit of competitive performance.

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Custom Clinic


Have some shooting buddies that you regularly practice with or compete against?  Are all of you at approximately the same skill level?  Would you like customized instruction for your group?  This is for you!

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Match Performance Evaluation & Instruction


This is a fun day of competition combined with instruction!  As a squad  we will shoot a local match together, then work to improve specific performance.

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Individual Instruction


Have a tough schedule?  Difficult to make a group class?  Want time spent in a one on one training environment?  This is for you!

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