Shooting Solutions

Competitive Performance - Phase 2

Class Description


This is a group class of 8-12 students and is approximately 8 hours in length.

Continue to build on your personal performance with this advanced course focused on

additional tools to your toolkit of competitive performance. 

We will accelerate through some of the topics from Phase I (freestyle platform, draw, reload, strong/weak hand shooting), then move into the thought process of target engagement, transitions, moving into and out of shooting positions, barricades, walls, ports, target engagement order, etc.


We will focus throughout the entire day on the perfection of fundamentals and the importance of accuracy at all times.

Course Fee: $175

Other Details:

Round Count: 500+ Note: Round counts are an estimate but should be considered a minimum.

Equipment: Shooter is expected to provide working equipment including gun, holster, ammunition, eye & ear protection.

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