Due to the ongoing Covid 19 concerns, There are no classes currently scheduled.  I hope to have additional Phase I and Phase II classes this summer in Columbia, MO, Mill Creek Rifle Club, and in Ft. Scott, KS

Shooting Solutions

There are no shortcuts, no secret methods, only flawless execution of correct fundamentals!

Specializing in competitive and defensive pistol instruction, as well as NSCA Level I shotgun instruction, by Merle Edington, former USPSA national champion, IPSC European Champion, Masters International Champion & NSCA certified instructor.

Assistant Instructor: Mike Hackemeyer, USPSA shooter

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. " Wyatt Earp



Making GM....

I took Merle's Competitive Performance II class looking for ways to take the next step towards my goal of making GM (Grand Master).  I was very impressed with how the class was run, specifically how we were asked at the start what skills we wanted to work on and the areas we thought we needed to work on.  By the end of the class, everyone had an opportunity to focus on specific areas.  The class was perfect for all skill & experience levels. I will continue to recommend Merle's classes to anyone looking for quality instruction. The class was both fun and educational! Caleb P. (Master class shooter).

Worthy every penny....

I attended the Competitive Performance shooting instruction class & I could not have been more impressed.  It was amazing how much information, coaching and live practice Merle was able to give in one day.  Merle keeps his classes to a small group which makes it possible for everyone to receive a lot of personal attention and instruction. While Merle is a true world-class shooter, he has represented the US in several world competitions and is a former USPSA National Champion, he has a great ability to use that experience to teach and share with people of all shooting skill levels. Whether a new beginner to the shooting sports or a seasoned competitor, Merle can help you improve and he makes it fun and enjoyable at the same time. I totally recommend Merle's classes to anyone.  The fee that Merle charges is worth every penny. Vandy T. 

A-Ha moments....

I can't get over how much, just two days after the Competitive Performance shooting instruction class, I have improved! It is amazing to be able to practice knowing that I am refining techniques that were taught instead of questioning the techniques and bad habits that I had ingrained in myself practicing before the class! This shooting class gave me so many a-ha moments!!  I can't wait for the advanced class!  Jeff P. 

Good investment....

I've been shooting competitively since 2012, and really trying to push hard since 2014. With pistol being the hardest gun to master for both USPSA and 3-gun, it was time to invest in a class.  I'm glad I invested in both the fundamental shooting instruction and the advanced shooting classes from Merle. My major match standings, as well as confidence, increased quickly after the classes.  Dillen E. 

Excellent class...

This was my second time taking a shooting instruction class with Merle, and as before, it was excellent.  Very good value for a guys's training dollar. Scott F. (23 year Federal Law Enforcement, firearms instructor)



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