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Class organization

Because organizing a class involves time and coordination, the class organizer shoots for free!

Below is a list of tips to help you be successful in organizing a class.

Students: You need these. Minimum of 6, maximum of 12.

Range: Preferably an outdoor range with at least 1 large bay available for use. 

Range Equipment: We provide shooting stands, sticks, targets & pasters for the class. Any other available equipment may be utilized if desired.

Class Fees: Per student fees are listed on this site for each class. If needed, organizers can add other fees at their discretion to cover any additional costs.

Payment/Deposits: It is at the organizer's discretion to take deposits from confirmed students. The class organizer is responsible for collecting the balance from each student and making payment on the day of the class. 

Getting the word out: If you organize a class and still need to round up some students, we will add a tentative class to the calendar and publicize on the site.

Other details: Course format, duration, required equipment are outlined in the specific class sections.


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