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Introduction to Competitive Shooting

Class Description


This is a 4-hour course that is designed for the "new to competition shooter". Want to get over the heebie jeebies? Concerned about not knowing the rules and safety procedures? Will my gun and equipment be adequate? Don't want your first stage performance to be in front of a crowd at a match? This is for you.

Course Fee: $30


Discussion of equipment, divisions, classifications, range safety, range commands, etc. 

After the discussions, we will work on freestyle shooting platform, draw and reloads. 

The final part of the class is shooting 2 USPSA-style stages so you are no longer the new shooter!

Other Details:

Round Count: Note: Round counts are an estimate but should be considered a minimum.

Equipment: Shooter is expected to provide working equipment including gun, holster and ammunition, eye & ear protection.


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